The Watcher

by Harriers Of Discord



A haunting track equipped with spurs, stomps and a love of death. This track was inspired by a series I had read about the love between Death and his daughters and occupants.
I loved the idea that Death was in fact a physical thing that was always feared and misunderstood, much like the story of Hades.
Why wouldn't death love it's spoils? Thus we have "The Watcher", the lullaby through Death's very own perspective. In all attempts to retain it's lulling qualities, I physically couldn't keep it soft enough for it to remain a simple "sing this to sleep" sort of thing, though it was my intention. I wanted to create a song that would be sung the way "Rock-a-bye baby", or "London bridges", or "Ring Around the Rosie" would be, where there meanings are morbid for a children's nursery rhyme and you grow up going, "what the hell were my parent's thinking?". But rather than scaring the young I really wanted to embody the story of love between us and death, making it more of a reassurance than a warning.

In the end, I feel it started as a simple lullaby and ended as much more, and I hope you enjoy it.

(the books that inspired this were Robin LaFevers' historical fictions.


Rock, rock your baby to sleep
Your dreams will come, your father will weep
To start and end another day
Is a gift to most, you won't have to pay
In Time you'll find the peace you'll know
The night will come, and down we'll go
A heaven to some, a warning to most
That what we dream will end in a ghost

Rock rock your baby to sleep
For life is nothing more than a dream
Your colors will glow, your scars will shine
But darkness ain't so bad in my eyes
You'll feel the sun, the Earth will boast
That what you fear is not but a hoax
So when it's time to say goodnight
You'll find that you've never felt more alive

So come my love I'll show you the ropes
For morning's near, and it's time to go
The heaven's can wait, your future will know
That when we dream, we head to the road
A path so bright, a steeple in sight
Beware the shadows that seem to take flight
For this a journey isn't one you'll come and go
Your fortune is here, but you're never alone

This is the point we all let go
But that doesn't mean your shadow stands alone
For dark is bright, the wind is light
And essence to your death is life
Don't fear I am The Watcher of your ghost

Sleep, sleep your baby's at rest
For now, you'll fear they've fallen to death
I'll give you time to reconcile
That what you had was all for the while
'Till peace at last, comes time for those
Who feared they didn't give love at their most
But blame you not, I'll take your pain
For life is nothing but a fixed game

So rock, rock your baby to sleep
Your fears will end, your mother will weep
To start and end another day
Is a challenge you've never had to play
In time you'll find the ways of those
Who reach for the stars when they're already home
For my heart cannot be thrown away
A ghost you'll become, my love you will stay


released July 4, 2015
image used from movie: "The Abcs of Death" w/o permission


all rights reserved



Harriers Of Discord Asheville, North Carolina

Wild West themes, power surf and punk rock cooked up into one turbulent jam that’ll spin you through scorching deserts, relentless waves, secular terrains and outer space dynasties.

Female fronted and formed in 2014 (LA based, now residents of Asheville, NC) the trio will knock you down and pick you up again with an eclectic range of instrumental scores, haunting ballads and frenetic riffs.
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