To Walk On Water (Remix)

by Harriers Of Discord



To Walk On Water's final adaptation has captured its predecessor's original instrumental ensemble sound and raised the bar into an epic plea that can only ask and receive praise for it's calming rhythm and dancing drums reflecting walking on water.

To Walk On Water was Harriers Of Discord's very first instrumental, with a calming tempo that could take you back to a time when electronics weren't apparent to music.

The remix, on the other hand, is Harriers Of Discord's very first electronic song, still with the same liquid vibe that will leave you melting, but with an added kick of bass, dance, and an appreciation (or a plea) for humanity's work. It's predecessor had such an amazing story to tell, it would have been a shame not to bring the words out for you to hear as well.

And so we will end with this: music is my religion


When the world was empty and the Solar System thrived
In a place where hunters gathered, long before the test of time
Came the age where seasons stalled and ice befell the Summer's brine
'Twas the age of mammoth, men and those who felt they could survive

When a thought can put us on our knees
And steal the credit from our feat

Then you'll know how it feels
To walk on water

In a place where time was nothing but the start of coming storms
Was a man who healed the lost and lonely, scared, hungry and poor
Didn't matter what the fortune, what the effort, nor the price
Was a fallen angel rather than a human's strength inside

When your efforts crumble at your feet
Cause a man can't stand for what's achieved

You won't know how it feels
To walk on water


released June 1, 2015
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Aimee J. Oliver

All music and lyrics by Aimee J. Oliver


all rights reserved



Harriers Of Discord Los Angeles, California

Wild west themes, power surf and punk fucking rock all mashed up in one wildly inconsistent jam that'll leave you wondering,"what is that dude even saying?"

Leaving no subject untried, Harriers Of Discord pelts the ruins of dead beats and classic rock vibes down your throat, forcing the thoughts you never knew you wanted in replacement of the love songs you never knew you hated.
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