Sixty​-​Two to Twenty​-​Four

by Harriers Of Discord



For the late and great, Albert Frank Digiovanna
and the first friend I've ever lost, taken by car at 62


Well, your heart is in a bind,
Since we were your but you weren't mine
From West Covina, California to that Southern Destin, Florida
May you be buried among friends
Who will remember to the end
In loving memory you will stay
From the cradle, past the grave

62-24 you're knocking hard at death's door
He didn't want you, turned you back
Till highway 98 he cracked
For the night was dark, a quickened end
Our love for you, we couldn't send
And the air be still without a note
The world will miss the song you wrote

From a younger age you ran away
To the desert skies and the dusty planes
Where cattle bucked and rattlers snapped
You stole the tail right off their backs
And dreams to you were a duty's call
All limits adhered to your fall
And such a boy, as legends wrote
Were far off dead, their memories sold

62-24 your knocking hard at death's door
He didn't want you , turned away
Till highway 98 he stayed
Your eyes were bright and filled with scenes
From moon-eyed girls to the salty seas
And mountains high, rivers old
The Earth will turn and keep your soul

From the water's edge to the desert dreams
And the falling skies to the city's breeze
Down from the clouds to the dirt and rust
Ashes to Ashes dust to dust

Was a preacher man, said the word of God
A great white mark upon your collar
That Bible book retained your faith
The mark of Cain you gave that day
To and forth, who rode you down
Won't see and end to the sorrow found
In all those lives you've touched to date
It'll be seven fold to their grave

62-24 you're knocking hard at Heaven's door
The golden gates kept you at bay
Till highway 98 you lay
On cloudy skies and golden beams
The light you felt will give you peace
A halo found over your head
It's hard to believe you could be dead

In Oregon up in pleasant woods
You rode your steed through and through
With nun but the shirt on your back
The boots you wore, and the meals you packed
When metal overtook us all
You answered to our nature's call
A wild man as pure as birth
With aging eyes, old as dirt

62-24 you're knocking hard at death's door
He didn't want you, let you walk
to the woman at the bar he gawked
With nothing but a compass rose
You followed your heart, stayed on your toes
To a nice warm meal, a bed and clothes
Then you rode off on that winding road

In the wild nights of booze and drugs
You shared your voice, exchanged your love
A brother, Father, friend and son
We'll see you on them roads to come
From coast to coast, from day to night
The words you sung, oh you sung them right
Our stomachs will empty and fill with beer
And drink to the man we all held dear

62-24 you're knocking hard at death's door
He didn't want you, let you go
Till highway 98, he strode

The streets went silent, the world went drunk
Our hearts beat hard, our tears did run
Your song won't die, your legend gone
Albert the great will live on

You will live on
Albert the great
62-24 knocking hard at Heaven's door


released May 13, 2016
Duane Hall


all rights reserved



Harriers Of Discord Los Angeles, California

Wild West themes, power surf and punk rock cooked up into one turbulent jam that’ll spin you through scorching deserts, relentless waves, secular terrains and outer space dynasties.

Female fronted and formed in 2014 (LA based, now residents of Asheville, NC) the trio will knock you down and pick you up again with an eclectic range of instrumental scores, haunting ballads and frenetic riffs.
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